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Job Opportunities

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Craft Assistant

Assist customers with craft projects and teach workshops



Assist and oversee our team to make sure Stain and Scoop is running smoothly. Create drinks and desserts and assist craft customers.


Barista & Dessert Creator

Create coffee drinks for customers, scoop ice cream and create desserts.

Choosing Ice Cream


Stain and Scoop is in need of employees who have experience in or are willing to be trained to scoop ice cream, make sundaes, create coffee and specialty drinks, assist customers, clean and organize. We also need art assistants to teach craft classes and direct walk-in customers to our diy project area. Tasks can be divided to employees based on skill set. We are a workplace that encourages and welcomes diversity and inclusion. We encourage people of all abilities to apply! 

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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